If Sony isn’t going to showcase or announce the PlayStation 4 at E3 2012 this summer as they claim, and with the Vita already released, what newness are they going to focus on? The answer is motion controls.

But we already have the PlayStation Move, right? Sort of. It’s there but the games are not. And that changes this year with a few “big” unannounced move-centric releases that will be shown off at E3.

This PlayStation Move was first unveiled in the summer of 2009 and later released in September of 2010. In the year and a half since, Sony admitted they weren’t going to fund marketing efforts comparable to Microsoft’s Kinect push, and worse, there have been practically no games of note release exclusively for what we can safely say is the most accurate gaming motion controller available.

In our recent chat with SCE Canada’s Director of Public Relations and Marketing, Matt Levitan, we asked if the upcoming Sorcery would pave the way for more Move titles in the near future.

“100%. Looking at the catalogue and release list this year, it’s a big resurgence year for Move. It’s a relaunching year, if you will. It starts with Sorcery, which comes out in May and we are very much looking forward to. We showed Sorcery a couple of years ago at E3 and it really wowed everybody and people were looking forward to it. Then it kind of went back to the drawing board for a little while and we made it more adult and darker. We aged up the main character and added some different narrative and story elements to it. I think at the end of the day it will be a much better product and will be something that a PS3 gamer will be excited about.

We also have a variety of family-friendly gamers coming down the pipe. But what I am looking more forward to is those core gaming experiences and there’s a few big ones that are coming that haven’t been announced yet, which will be announced at E3 or before, that are on this calendar year that look really good. So for anyone invested in the Move, look out. This will be a good year for content.”

So, if you’re one of the millions who have the Move but not much to do with it, soon there will be more family-friendly games as well as a few “core” ones which have piqued our interest. As for everyone else who plays on the Vita or PlayStation 3, content will be the focus of the year.

The real test on the Move front however, will be Sorcery, a game that received an extended amount of development time to capitalize on its potential to pave the way for future Move titles. Can Sorcery address the negative feedback it (and the similarly styled Fable: The Journey) received at their respective outings and can it do what Kinect Star Wars failed to do in offering a fun, complete and accurate gaming experience that’s not burdened by repetition or limitations in graphics, story and gameplay?

As for the core games, will they be original titles like Sorcery or will they come from Sony’s large stable of first-party franchises?

Stay tuned for more great PlayStation info from Matt Levitan coming on Game Rant in the coming days!

Sorcery releases exclusively on the PS3 on May 22, 2012.

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