Sony is teasing a mysterious reveal for October 5th, 2011. Today the company released a bizarre trailer showcasing references to iconic PS3 moments and games, all cumulating with a group of soldiers entering what appeared to be a hotel or a bar. The question then becomes, what exactly is Sony teasing with this new trailer?

One likely theory is a possible game involving many Sony mascots. The trailer itself contains many references to Sony games, such as audio cues from Resistance and Twisted Metal, as well as score bubbles from LittleBigPlanet and weapons from Killzone. It would interesting to see if Sony is taking a cue from Nintendo and making a game in the spirit of Super Smash Bros.

The video also references Sony’s new Long Live Play mantra, meaning that the trailer could have something to do with Sony’s push of the PS3 as a gaming device, as opposed to them calling the PS3 an entertainment device, like they did back at the start of this generation.  The PSN Play promotion began this year as well, making it appear that Sony could also have a similar promotion in mind for their first party titles.


It also seems likely that this teaser could refer to Sony’s revamp of PlayStation Home. While Home has improved since its inception in 2008, the service is still viewed as a lackluster addition by many PlayStation gamers, and commonly referred to (in jest) as a place where guys pretend to be girls – so they can laugh while other guys hit on them. Sony said that Home will become more game-focused and many more titles (including a basic, free-to-play shooter) will be offered in PlayStation Home to try and attract more gamers.

The reference to all of the actual titles could represent gamers taking a break from the games they were playing and, subsequently, heading into Home for a breather and to socialize. Sony has promised that the Home revamp would be coming this fall, and the teaser’s October 5th date places it right in the middle of that particular season.

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