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Do you remember where you were 15 years ago today? I do. And if you were one of the gamers who had saved up enough money, or begged your parents long enough, you might have been lucky enough to be sitting in front of the TV playing your new Sony PlayStation.

It's hard to think of a gaming industry without Sony in it, but there was a time when Sony's entry into CD-based gaming was as big a gamble as that of Sega's Dreamcast.

Their victory over the odds is a cause worth celebrating, and Sony is eager to spread their excitement with their customers, with free downloadable themes, discounted PlayStation One games on PSN, and even a PS One to add to your Home.

Playstation Home PS1

Sony is well aware of their past, and how far they've come is only eclipsed by how far they plan to go. Their optimistic view going forward is on full display over at the Sony blog.

On September 9, 1995 the original PlayStation® made its debut in North America, revolutionizing the gaming industry and forever altering consumer entertainment experiences. 15 years later, PlayStation is still bringing groundbreaking new innovations into the home and on the go, and is once again redefining entertainment for a new generation of consumers with the introduction of PlayStation® Move and stereoscopic 3D games. Let’s celebrate PlayStation's rich heritage and continued innovation for many years to come.

I was one of the many people who saw Sony as having no chance against the monster that was Nintendo, but here we are, 15 years later, and Sony is now a juggernaut of the gaming community, having been responsible for the two best selling consoles of all time. It's one of the three superpowers holding sway over console gaming. Click here for a look at how Sony ranks in the industry in sales and how it played a role in the evolution of the video game controller.

Great accomplishments are only fully understood when you're able to look back on them with some perspective; as we look back on Sony's history, we can now see how each step made by them was more often than not one of the first in a new direction that the industry as a whole would soon follow.

We took the time to pick out some of the moments in Sony gaming that matter most to us here at Game Rant, and while there are definitely too many to list, here are a few that stick out:

Sony Timeline

Sony has their own take on their years in existence; check out their own company timeline and what events matter most to them.

So as we celebrate the last 15 years of Sony's PlayStation entertainment console, it's clear that they have had an undeniable impact on the gaming industry. So now we look forward, and spend our days wondering whether 3D gaming, Move, or technological innovations we have yet to see will take their place alongside the ones mentioned here.

So what about Sony so far sticks out in your mind? Have we left any out, or were we way off? Let us know in the comments below.

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