Rumor: Sony Has PS5 Pro Model in the Works

The PlayStation 5 isn't even officially announced and speculation regarding Sony's next-gen console is already running rampant. The latest rumor regarding the PS5 is that Sony might be exploring the possibility of a two-SKU launch.

Prospective buyers may have a choice between a base PS5 and a more expensive and powerful PS5 Pro. The rumor stems from Japanese reporter Zenji Nishikawa and hasn't been vetted, but is certainly a possibility in the current console market.

According to Nishikawa, details about Sony's console plans were slipped to him during the recent Computer Entertainment Developers Conference convention. Nishikawa states that PlayStation is planning to release two different PS5 models on day one. These models will be, unsurprisingly, a more affordable base PS5 model and a premium PS5 Pro model. The PS5 Pro version of the console would have more impressive hardware, and would be targeted toward hardcore gamers.

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Unfortunately, there's little evidence to support Nishikawa's rumor at the moment. PlayStation has revealed little information about its PS5 plans. And what it has revealed have focused on just a single console, or at least its hardware. PS5 dev kit rumors have all pointed toward a single console as well, built around a very fast SSD and surprisingly strong graphics power. Up until now, everything Sony has said indicates that there's no other model in the works other than a very powerful PS5 console.

That said, there's little reason not to believe that Sony may be considering a base model PS5 to coincide with a more powerful console. Console sales seem to peak for platforms selling between $300 and $400, and judging from early descriptions of next-gen hardware, a $500-600 initial pricepoint seems much more likely. A two-console offering at launch would allow a majority of PS4 players to jump into the next-generation at a price point they find affordable, delivering on Sony's promise of an  "appealing" PS5 price.

ps4 and ps4 pro

For now, the rumor should be considered unreliable. Sony has given no indication when it will be announcing the PlayStation 5, or whatever it plans to name its next-gen console. Fans should expect an event announcement after the 2019 holiday season or in early 2020.

Perhaps related is Xbox also being rumored to be planning a multiple-SKU next-gen launch, with the possibility of a disc-less digital-only option. That rumor hasn't come to fruition yet either. But if Sony believed it, it's possible PlayStation could align with a similar strategy so as to better compete. In any case, 2020 is going to be a very exciting year for console game players.

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