According to a brand new report, Sony is working on an upgraded version of the PS4 that may include 4K compatibility, following on from rumors that surfaced last week.

If one believes the rumor mill, then Sony is already hard at work at the creation of an upgraded PS4. Dubbed the PlayStation 4K by reports that appeared last week, this alleged updated PS4 would include a greater processing ability to help with 4K definition and increased PlayStation VR support. Now, another report has indicated that Sony genuinely is developing this system.

The latest confirmation of this new PS4 comes from EuroGamer, which has “independently established” the truth of this upgraded console. According to its latest report, Sony’s R&D departments even have prototype consoles at this moment, with multiple sources also apparently referring to the console as the PlayStation 4K. If these reports to prove to be correct, then many may wonder exactly where the system will sit in the marketplace.

The report gives three possible ways in which the PlayStation 4K could operate. First, it has been suggested that Sony could create a direct, more powerful version of the console currently on the market. Thanks to behind-the-scenes movements in production technology, as well as AMD’s own improvements in terms of CPU and GPU technology, there’s the possibility that Sony could make a console twice as powerful at the current PS4 with a microprocessor the same size as its current model – albeit at a much higher price point.

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The second possibility is for Sony to create a new PS4 that does not entirely shake up the boat in relation to its previous version, but still packing a punch. By working on improving the console’s GPU component, Sony could bring visual improvements to new titles, as well as making older games run a little bit smoother. This could also push at least some 4K compatibility, but at a much lower cost price than the previous potential upgrade.

Finally, Sony could instead be working on a slimline version of the current PS4 model, along with some graphical improvements. This version of the console could bring full 4K screen compatibility to the PS4, even if actual resolution for gaming remains at 1080p. This model would also help keep Sony’s costs low, as well as bring about the possibility of further price reductions in future.

If Sony is truly working on the PlayStation 4K, then it will no doubt be thinking about all these different possibilities and more. However, the company will need to be careful not to alienate existing PS4 users, and introducing a console that could make a two-tier system of the same console could prove to be a concern for those who are already PlayStation users. Hopefully, whatever Sony has planned will be more exciting than disappointing for the gaming community.

Source: EuroGamer

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