Sony: PlayStation 4 Won't Launch Later Than The Competition

PS4 Won't Launch Later Than Competition

The PS3 had a bit a troubled launch, thanks to unit shortages and the fact that Sony's $599 system launched almost a year later than the Xbox 360. For the next generation, Sony plans to do differently, learning from the PS3 launch and revealing that they don't plan to launch their next console later than the competition.

Giving the Xbox 360 a year head start spelled trouble for the electronics giant, as the PS3 struggled at first to compete against a system with a relatively large install base. While Sony still isn't talking specifics about next generation, they recently stated that launching after the competitors would be undesirable.

Nintendo plans to launch their next system, the Wii U, sometime next year and rumors are floating around that Microsoft may unveil the next Xbox at CES in January. Words of a successor to Sony's PlayStation 3 haven't been as prominent, but if Microsoft plans to unveil their next system soon it wouldn't be too far fetched to assume Sony would do the same.

In speaking with Eurogamer, PlayStation Europe boss Jim Ryan said the following interesting statement:

"I think we would consider it undesirable to be significantly later than the competition [with the next PlayStation]."

Recent rumors have several of Sony's internal studios ceasing PS3 development to work on games for the PlayStation 4. The most obvious candiates would include the likes of Gran Turismo developer Polyphony Digital and Killzone developer Guerilla Games. Guerilla's infamous Killzone 2 target render video awed many as it showed how powerful the PS3 hardware was, so it wouldn't be unlikely for them to be working on another graphical showcase for the PS4.

Looking at Sony's new handheld - the PlayStation Vita - it's safe to say that the company has learned from their previous platform launches and that of their competition. The Vita's launch line-up is full of quality games, whereas the PS3 really only had Resistance: Fall of Man, with MotorStorm and Heavenly Sword releasing later. Suffice to say, chances are that when the time comes for the PlayStation 4 to hit store shelves, we'll probably see it launch a lot closer to Microsoft's next Xbox. Oh, and it probably won't be five hundred and ninety nine dollars.


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Source: Eurogamer

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