Though Sony has been diligently revealing plans as to how they will compensate users for the almost three-week-old PSN outage they have been pretty mum about how they plan to respond to the hackers responsible for the attack. Now that many individuals, including members of the organization, are pointing towards Anonymous being responsible, sources are claiming that Sony is considering offering a reward for information that leads to the arrest of the hackers.

Details are still unknown as to whether or not Sony is truly going forward with this reward plan or what types of individuals/organizations they would approach, but we figure that if Sony does put the idea into motion, the news will soon follow.

While Sony has been a bit slow with their response to the PSN outage — most notably with their delayed and vague updates on the situation —they have recently made some serious headway with how they approach their user base. By showing that they are willing to make a headstrong effort to both protect their users and find those responsible, Sony is, at least, demonstrating they are not taking the severity of this attack lightly.

Of course, without confirmation from Sony, or an organization approached by Sony with this reward, it’s still safe to assume that Sony is working with the FBI as they search for those responsible. Thankfully, for those who might be affected, Sony has also put into place a plan that would offer a year of identity theft protection.

It’s still not the PSN coming back on, but with each new day brings another piece of news regarding the ever escalating story of Sony’s attempts to both bring the PSN back online and ensure its users feel safe and secure. For them, perhaps a reward is the perfect way to bring those responsible to justice, or at least clear up the debate over who exactly is responsible. Either way, Sony has still got a lot of work to do.

Do you think offering a reward is the best way for Sony to find those responsible for the PSN hack? Does a diligent search for the hackers inspire confidence that Sony is doing all they can to protect your information.

Source: CNET

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