Though Sony hasn’t made good on their promise to bring the PlayStation Network back up within a week of their restructuring plan, the company has just recently revealed how they plan to compensate users for the PSN outage’s inconvenience. For both PlayStation 3 and PSP users who have been affected by the outage (read: any PS3 or PSP owner), Sony will be providing two games, chosen by the individual, from a small group of titles.

PS3 players will have a group of five titles to choose from while PSP users will only have four. Sony wasn’t ready to reveal what those selectable titles will be at this moment, but we figure they will most likely be titles that have been recently published by Sony.

Certainly a lot better than the downloadable titles that most gamers were expecting, this compensation does prove that Sony is willing to take some hits in order to offer an apology to gamers. Unfortunately, the real losers in this might be the die-hard Sony fans that have picked up all of the company’s published titles and thus will find no real value in this offering.

There are still a few elements of this rewards program that Sony has yet to detail, most importantly what items will be offered as part of the PlayStation Plus 30-day trial, and how exactly gamers will go about redeeming the various compensation offers.

We anticipate, as the PSN’s resurrection nears, that Sony will be more forthcoming with details than they have in the past two weeks, so keep a lookout for more information. Also, what is unclear is whether or not owners of both a PSP and a PS3 will be forced to choose between the compensation programs or if they will be able to net themselves four free games. Since they were doubly affected it seems only fair, but we don’t know at this time.

With the week begun, and hopefully early plans to bring the PSN back online, we anticipate any day now that real progress will begin to show itself, both in Sony’s updates and in the PSN potentially coming back online. For up to the minute information on all things PlayStation Network — including what titles will be offered as part of the compensation program — stick tuned to Game Rant.

What titles do you hope to see offered by Sony as part of the PSN compensation program? Does offering full retail releases prove that Sony is willing to make serious attempts at compensating their affected users?

Source: PlayStation Blog Europe

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