Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida reveals that Sony has “numerous” unannounced games in production, with fans immediately beginning to speculate.

Sony‘s release slate for 2017 and beyond looks incredibly promising. From upcoming open-world RPG Horizon: Zero Dawn, to Hideo Kojima’s next project, Death Stranding and The Last of Us: Part Two, which was announced at PlayStation Experience 2016, there’s lots for PlayStation gamers to look forward to. Sony was even keen to show this off in a recent PS4 game teaser video, full of gasp-worthy gameplay and exciting footage.

The company seemingly has no plans to rest on its laurels though, as it has now been revealed that Sony is working on plenty of other games too. Speaking to Japanese publications Famitsu and Dengeki (translated by Siliconera), Shuhei Yoshida, the president Sony Worldwide Studios teased that Sony has “numerous unannounced titles in production” and that fans should “look forward to their announcements.”

Following Yoshida’s comments, gamers have already begin to shout out their hopes and suggestions, and have started to dust off their wishlists. Obvious choices are Bloodborne 2 (which may or may not be in development) and a brand new Crash Bandicoot game, as gamers are excited by the upcoming Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy, but are keen to see a brand new adventure starring the iconic jort-wearing character. Interest in a new Jak and Daxter game also seems to be quite high.

Best Horror Games of 2015 - Bloodborne cover

Many PlayStation fans also have their fingers crossed that Sucker Punch Productions will reveal what it is working on soon as well. The developer, which is behind the super-powered inFamous series as well as the Sly Cooper franchise, hasn’t released a game since (standalone inFamous adventure) inFamous: First Light launched in 2014. Surely the developer hasn’t just been sitting on its hands for three years? Fans have begun to speculate that the developer is working on something spectacular and that this is one of the unannounced games that Yoshida is referring to.

While it’s unclear exactly when Sony will lift the lid on these unannounced titles (though E3 in June or the next PlayStation Experience event seem like safe bets), the company won’t make those reveals until it’s good and ready. In a recent interview, Yoshida said that Sony would be “more cautious” when announcing release dates in future, and that the company had learned from its “past mistakes.” Release dates or no, undoubtedly, whatever Sony is working on is bound to impress and PlayStation fans should watch this space.

One of Sony‘s next major releases will be Guerrilla Games’ Horizon: Zero Dawn, which is slated for release on February 28, 2017 in North America, and on March 1, 2017 in the United Kingdom as a PlayStation 4 exclusive.