Sony Says NGP's Battery Life Similar to PSP 3000 [Updated]

NGP Battery Life

During last night’s NGP unveiling, Sony was very forthcoming with a lot of the next-gen handheld’s features, including its OLED touch screen and powerful GPU, but where they were decidedly mum was with the console’s battery life.

Now Sony has come out to say that, in tests conducted by various developers, the console is performing in the same range as the current PSP 3000.

[Update: Check out Sony's Official Announcement Video to see ALL of the details!]

Currently clocking in at somewhere between four and six hours, the PSP 3000 lasts longer than the 3DS is reported to last, an important distinction. Also, we need to keep in mind several factors, including the fact that the NGP is not a done deal - with parts that could still be swapped out before launch. Perhaps, once an official version releases, not a development kit, the battery life could perform better, or it could perform in a range closer to the 3DS.

In this complicated world of handheld consoles, many figured that it would come down to the tech - in order to decide a winner. While it still might be the tech that ultimately makes or breaks each system, with two consoles that are touted as powerhouses (in their own way), one deciding factor could be the battery life.

If the NGP is capable of running from six to eight hours without a charge, then that would be a huge victory for the Sony camp. Though the 3DS is capable of running for up to eight hours without the 3D capability on, that will surely be the road less traveled. As gamers were initially looking for their gaming on the go, they might not have considered battery life, but, as smart phones and tablets began to enter the market, those qualities have become increasingly important.

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We won’t know official battery life numbers until Sony sees fit to make them known to the public, but rest assured they know they have their work cut out for them. It’s going to be an uphill battle, releasing after the 3DS, so it'll be important for Sony to outdo Nintendo's console in every way they can.

How much battery life do you think the NGP would need to have in order to stay competitive? Would you be okay if the device sacrificed battery life in favor of a more PS3-like performance?

Sony’s Next Generation Portable is slated to release before the end of the year.

Source: Kotaku

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