Sony Announcing New Games March 9th at 'PlayStation Vita Game Heaven'

Sony Announcing New Vita Games March 9th

If you're already bored with the Vita's launch line up, then Sony has some good news. On March 9th they will be unveiling plenty of new Vita games and features!

Sony will be holding a broadcast called "PlayStation Vita Game Heaven" on March 9th at 8pm Japan time - which translates to 6am Eastern Time. At the event, Sony plans to reveal plenty of unannounced Vita titles, and they will also be giving away twenty 3G/Wi-fi Vita systems.

In addition to the unannounced games, we'll also get to hear about information regarding titles already in development, as well as new features for the Vita. Considering this event takes place in Japan, we're hoping that announcement won't be Japanese-developer only. It'd be great to hear how development on Killzone Vita is going. Anyone hoping for a potential price-drop should probably let go of that idea now, as it's unlikely that Sony would announce a price drop at this point - especially considering the Vita's decent sales.

So, what's Sony got in store? There are no real hints to give us any clues. Earlier this year we heard that a Monster Hunter title is in development for the handheld, so chances are we'll hear about that. There are also other Vita titles in development such as Super Monkey Ball and the aforementioned Killzone title. Maybe we'll even get to hear more about the Final Fantasy X remaster that's supposed to hit the Vita in the future.

As for new Vita features, it'd be great to hear about more apps. Twitter and Facebook have already launched on the system, but we're still waiting for Skype, and it'd be nice to have a YouTube or BBC News app like most smart phones have. Maybe they'll finally let us take Welcome Park off of the home screen.

In any case, one thing about this event is for sure: if Sony doesn't announce Locoroco 3 hell will be raised!

If you plan to check out the event, you can do so here on March 9th.


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Source: Andriasang

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