ps3 motion controller

Sony revealed details about its upcoming “multifunctional product,” the Nikkei reports (translation here). No, they have not yet given said product a title, so we’re still left with Sony “Motion Controller” for the time being. However, Sony did report a stable of upcoming titles for the untitled product — “around 10 or so.” Having games available at the same time a product launches is always a good thing. Even if six of those titles are for toddlers learning to wave or make obscene gestures with their arms, the other four titles might be quite cool. We’ll know more as developers make upcoming announcements.

Sure, Sony hasn’t actually named the device yet — but the PS3 motion controller may get a name soon. Unfortunately, Sony also announced a six-month delay until it launches (now in fall 2010). At least there’s still considerable excitement about this product: Andrew House, CEO and President of Sony Europe, sounds pretty gaga about the controller:

“It’s stunningly accurate in terms of the way it tracks movement. That sounds like an incremental step in terms of motion technology, but it’s a huge one in terms of saying ‘now it’s arrived’ and it’s really going to change the way we think about how we play games.”

It’s going to be a e-motionally sensitive fall this year, with the Sony “Motion Controller” (please, Sony, give this product a name!), Microsoft’s Project Natal, and Nintendo’s Wii MotionPlus.

But as we all know, it’s not so much about the hardware. It’s about how you use it. Personally, I was really impressed playing tennis on my Wii, but it didn’t exactly change the way I thought about games.

Has motion control stuff rocked your world? Titles, please — I’ve got a birthday coming up!

Source: andriasang

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