Sony Working on 1TB PlayStation 4 Console?

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One factor that’s plagued both platforms thus far is a lack of hard drive space, that much is undeniable. With current-gen games continuing to take up more and more space with each new release, it was inevitable that systems featuring larger memory would arrive on the marketplace sooner rather than later.

While Microsoft has already taken the initiative of adding more hard drive space with its Call of Duty: Advance Warfare-themed Xbox One, it appears that Sony will soon be following suit with a 1TB PlayStation 4.

According to some Federal Communications Commission documents, brought to light via DualShockers, there will be two new PS4 models arriving in the near future. One, being referred to as the CUH-1215A, is lighter in weight and consumes less electricity, but will remain the exact same size as the currently available platform. This is likely just a change up in parts to make manufacturing the system cheaper, but this version will include the standard 500 gigabyte hard drive.

The second model, referred to as the CUH-1215B, will feature all of the aforementioned changes, but will instead feature 1 terabyte of memory. The arrival of this updated platform at brick-and-mortar retailers makes for a great option for anyone that’s yet to commit to a console and doesn’t care to use an external hard drive to hold all of their games, but the option has arrived rather late in the game in comparison to the competition.

1 TB PlayStation 4 Memory

Wouldn’t it be nice?

Still, its arrival on the market is sure to entice a number of hopeful and existing PlayStation 4 owners to take the plunge to ensure a more fluid gaming experience – presumably one that requires much less data managing. It also gives Sony something else to show off during its E3 2015 press conference in lieu of exclusive software – something it has admitted it is lacking this year.

While it’s still possible (and much cheaper) for fans to simply update the hard drive themselves than to go out and pickup a new console, the option to avoid that hassle right from the start is enticing to say the least. With the build up to E3 2015 well underway though, gamers can likely expect an official reveal sooner rather than later. With that in mind, stay tuned to Game Rant for any more news on the alleged 1 TB Playstation 4 console.

Have you been waiting for a 1TB PlayStation 4? Does an updated hard drive entice you to pick up the console?

Source: FCC (via DualShockers)

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