Sony Japan Countdown Teaser Features a ... Knitting Mobster?

Sony Japan Countdown - Knitting Mobster Teaser

Sony Japan recently put up a very curious countdown page, which features the above mobster-lookalike knitting -- and we're not taking you for a yarn here.

The countdown timer seems to be going until about September 1st, but we've no idea what Sony Japan could possibly be counting down to. Is it a game set with the mysterious knitting character up above? It is set in what appears to be a 1920's era in which mobsters get together and watch a man knit in a dimly lit room? Is Kirby's Epic Yarn about to take a dark twist? Nobody knows right now, but the answer is a lot closer to us than Duke Nukem Forever will ever be.

It should be noted that the page is titled "amimono", which is a Japanese word related to knitting. Your guess as to how it related to this mysterious game is as good as mine. Before you say it, no, sackboy probably wasn't murdered, and you're a terrible person for thinking it.

A terrible, terrible person.

Many gamers are crying for a new style of a Godfather game, but I just can't see it. The characters look like they're animated from a whole different cloth than those in the Godfather game world, and even the notions that there is a new Heavy Rain afoot seem a little far-fetched - the Oragami Killer was one thing, but a knitting killer? No, this has to be something new.

We can only hope that something neat is set to be revealed, and that whatever game this turns out to be isn't a game which will be exclusive to the Japanese marketplace. I'm curious enough to want an American release of it already. However, Sony hasn't said, done or knitted anything in the direction of the western marketplace yet, so I guess we'll have to be patient and wait for September 1st.

I'll place my money on a completely new IP -- it would be neat to see a completely new company on the scene, but this kind marketing would be a gamble for complete new dogs on the scene, so it's probably from an existing developer. However, you've got me scratching my head if I have to guess who, and we have to keep in mind this might not even be a new game they're teasing.

What do you think, Ranters? Who is behind this mysterious man knitting in the dark? What kind of game could Sony Japan possibly be teasing with this countdown timer? Tell us your thoughts, and maybe we can solve this mystery.

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