Sony executive Shawn Layden confirms that Sony Computer Entertainment has officially become Sony Interactive Entertainment, joining forces with Sony Network Entertainment.

Sony’s video game divisions have in general proved to be incredibly popular over recent years, with the PS4 standing as a retail powerhouse. However, behind the scenes the company is trying to improve matters even further. To assist with this, a new body known as Sony Interactive Entertainment has been formed.

This new organization has been created out of two other bodies, namely Sony Computer Entertainment and Sony Network Entertainment. With the change taking place at the start of the new fiscal year, the formation of Sony Interactive Entertainment is meant to bring a new level of power to Sony in the video game sphere. Explaining the reasons behind the change on the official PlayStation blog, Sony executive Shawn Layden stated that Sony Interactive Entertainment has been created as a “global interactive entertainment powerhouse.”

For the time being, it seems as though the change will not make a big difference for the gaming community. However, once the two bodies have been integrated, Sony hopes that there will be an added fluidity to the organization. With Layden explaining that there will now be a “unified PlayStation organization,” the parent company will perhaps be expecting to be able to take an even stronger, and more innovative, place in the market.


Layden also gave some specific examples of some services that the newfound Sony Interactive Entertainment will try to emulate and improve upon. Citing PlayStation Vue and PlayStation Now as standout digital services, the executive specifically talked about Sony’s role in the “dynamic” world of gaming. What’s more, Layden has suggested that perhaps more will be done akin to the highly-anticipated PlayStation VR project.

Speaking of Sony’s Virtual Reality headset, Layden now has a new role that could directly influence how developers create games for the peripheral. The executive is taking on the position of Chairman of Worldwide Studios alongside his role as President of Sony Interactive Entertainment America. This means that Layden will have more involvement with first party game development teams across Sony, potentially working with the likes of Naughty Dog and Guerrilla Games.

Exactly how the formation of this new organization changes Sony’s gaming strategies remains to be seen. However, there have already been several changes taking place within Sony, such as the creation of a new mobile gaming studio and the ever-circulating rumors of an upgraded PS4. Who knows, perhaps with Sony Interactive Entertainment taking on a new philosophy, the notion of PS4 to Xbox One cross-platform play will become more than just a pipe dream.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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