Sony Buys Spider-Man, Ratchet and Clank Developer Insomniac Games

Sony has dominated this entire console generation with a stellar line up of exclusive games, helping them secure the PS4 as the best-selling console of this generation. This is thanks to a healthy roster of Sony-owned studios working diligently to produce incredible titles. Now, Sony has added another studio to their fold, Insomniac Games.

Sony and Insomniac have had a strong relationship for a long time, with the studio recently releasing Spider-Man, the fastest-selling Marvel game ever, as a PS4 exclusive. While that relationship was great, Insomniac still produced games for other platforms, like the Microsoft exclusive Sunset Overdrive. Now, however, Insomniac and Sony's relationship is sealed, and Insomniac will be making games for the PlayStation brand moving forward.

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This is good news for fans of Sony and the PlayStation brand, but might be dishearting for Xbox players, as it essentially dashes any hopes of Spider-Man 2 coming to other platforms. Still, it's a good move for the future of both Sony and Insomniac, as it ensures Insomniac will have the funding to complete their next project and should help bolster sales of the PS5, which should see an official reveal soon.

It's interesting that it took Sony and Insomniac so long to make such a deal. The developer has been creating exclusive games for Sony for years, with the studio working on major franchises like Spyro and Ratchet and Clank. They weren't necessarily a crown jewel, but they have had a pretty major effect on the PlayStation brand as a whole, and definitely contributed to its success.

The question now is what Insomniac will cook up next. While the most likely answer is a follow-up to Spider-Man, though it's always possible that the team has something else up their sleeves. Leaked clock speeds from the PS5 have indicated just how powerful the next generation of consoles may be, and there's a good chance that Insomniac will be looking to harness that power with their next game. Of course, fans will just have to wait and see what the developer has in store for them.

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