In its latest move to boost sales and further legitimize its “It Only Does Everything” campaign, Sony reached an agreement with Time Warner this week to bring HBO to the PS3.  This agreement highlights Sony’s continuing aggression to blend TV and movie entertainment with the PS3’s gaming capabilities, as HBO offerings will now be featured alongside Netflix and MLB.TV on the console.

The details of the revenue sharing between Sony and HBO remain tucked away in the lawyers’ briefcases, but PS3 users will have premium access to shows like Big Love, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Entourage, among others. However, there will still be the usual ten month delay between the conclusion of an HBO season and its availability to PS3 users, as HBO releases the downloadable shows as they hit shelves in DVD format.

Naturally, Sony believes this move will bolster its efforts to fully transform the PS3 into an all-around console capable of maximizing the home entertainment experience.  Jack Tretton, chief executive of Sony PlayStation, released the following statement after closing the deal with HBO:

“HBO is a high-profile content provider, and a real premium service, so we think this really reinforces that the PlayStation is more than just a video-game console now.  It gives consumers that big-screen, HD experience in the home on a device other than cable and satellite, and that’s becoming the norm now as opposed to the exception.”

Obviously, this deal keeps Sony competitive with the Xbox 360 and the Wii in the home entertainment arms race, but will it make that much of an impact on console sales or on Sony’s overall revenue?  Is HBO a commodity that appeals to a majority of the PS3 consumers?  What say you, Ranters?

Source:  Nasdaq

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