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Kevin Butler, played by Jerry Lambert, is back in action. To celebrate all those who support PlayStation, Sony continues its "Long Live Play" campaign by opening up the Hall of Play. Every business day from now through Thanksgiving, Kevin Butler will honor gamers who submit themselves to the Hall of Play.

Sony kicked off the "Long Live Play" campaign last month as an attempt to honor and show appreciation to the loyal fans who have made PlayStation the success that it is. In the first "Long Live Play" video, a saloon full of recognizable video game characters honor Michael, a charismatic gamer who shows he's not yellow in the face of danger.

PlayStation loyalists may join via the official Hall of Play Facebook page. Kevin Butler will introduce those who wish to enter the Hall of Play to "the most prestigious gathering of true gamers anywhere," where the water fountains flow with energy drink.

Speak the oath (through video submission on Facebook) and join the Hall of Play:

"I am a player. I play games because they represent all that is good. And because there's some punk out there who needs to know his place. I Play for the thrill of finding lost cities of gold and committing excessive amounts of property damage. And because I get to carry big friggin' swords. I play. Because I can't not play. LONG LIVE PLAY."

If chosen as one of those honored, gamers will receive their own video with Kevin Butler. Below are just a few of the best examples so far:

Watch Kevin honor Legit_Btness.


Kevin honors Graveyardboots:


Legion_Dragon is honored with a trophy:


Kevin Butler adopts NYCHUS13:


Players who join the Hall of Play also have the chance to star in a custom version of the "Michael" video, with their own name and photo taking Michael's place at the end.

Need an excuse to get out of work and play video games? Fear not, as the Hall of Play is a Kevin Butler-approved excuses to ditch the daily grind: members can stay comfortably at home in front of their favorite video games. Sit idle long enough within the Hall of Play, though, and Butler will harass you with "pre-recorded snarky comments."

What are you waiting for, go check out the Hall of Play now!


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