Could Sony Be Working On A Hack-Proof PS3?

Sony Playstation 3 Hack Proof Edition

Sony's obviously not happy about the PS3 jail-break early this year. They've gone on record denouncing custom firmware on their consoles and are even banning modified consoles from their PlayStation Network. Needless to say, the jail-break has been a thorn in their side ever since, and they're now rumored to be taking steps on the hardware side of things to correct this crack in their console's security.

A completely unverified rumor from an entirely untrustworthy brand new site with no proven legit sources, EverythingHQ, reports that Sony is now working on hack-proof PlayStation 3 to combat the recent string of hacks that have been plaguing its hardware. The console is rumored to cost £186.99, about the $299.99 price tag for the current 160GB model. A slim model PS3, it will sport a 300GB harddrive as an additional incentive to purchase the more secure console.

While the report is likely false, there is still credence to the claim as the recent leak of Killzone 3 to torrent sites would no doubt be a contributing factor in Sony's decision to act quickly in resolving the PS3's security concerns, especially since there doesn't appear to be an end in site for the crippling hacks.

It was even reported recently that hackers were able to worm their way into PlayStation Network so that they could undo their console bans. More alarming than that, the same exploit could apparantly also be used to ban a legitimate console from PSN as long as the hacker knows the console's ID.

When we contacted Sony for a comment on this story, Sony explained that its standard policy that they don't comment on rumors so don't expect direct confirmation unless/until this story becomes official. Naturally, all of this should be taken with a grain of salt but the discussion over hack countermeasures and Sony's future plans is interesting regardless. They have to be working on something, right?

While Sony's concerns are very legitimate, it seems unlikely that a new PS3 model release is imminent and we know there's no PS4 on its way anytime soon. The implication of releasing their next console this in the next year or two would be damaging as it could be percieved as an act of Sony giving up the current war over its hardware. Don't worry, that's not happening.

What do you think about Sony's current conundrum; should Sony be working on making sure future consoles are secure, or focussing solely on winning back their current installed base of PS3 hardware?

Sources: EverythingHQ, Destructoid

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