Sony Hacked Again, Server Hosting Credit Card Phishing Site

Sony Server Hack Phishing Site

When it rains it pour, at least if you're Sony these days. Everyone has heard by now of the various hacks that both PSN and SOE suffered over the past month, and while the PlayStation manufacturer has been working around the clock to get PS3 owners back online, the hackers haven't been resting. According to an online security firm, Sony's own server has once again been infiltrated, and is currently being used to host a phishing site targeting an Italian credit card company.

Even now that the worst of the PSN hack has passed, Sony is still dealing with more problems than any major corporation ever wishes to. Their security firmware update is being blamed for overheating, and just days ago discovered an exploit in the very system designed to re-instill customer trust.

According to online security firm F-Secure, they've detected a credit card phishing site operating out of one of Sony's servers. While the company was closing up the holes in security with the PlayStation Network and Sony Online Entertainment, they apparently overlooked a few in the official homepage for Sony Thailand.

The firm is reporting that the server in question likely isn't of high importance, and therefore unlikely to have access to any customer information. Nevertheless, it once again shows that the drama is far from over for Sony. At some point the hacker community needs to realize that the actions taken against the company aren't really hurting the corporate executives, but everyday customers.

Sony Server Phishing Site

This latest hack seems to be unrelated to those in the past, and looks to be targeting only the customers of an Italian credit card company, but the same is true. While the site has since been flagged, we can only hope that nobody fell victim to this particular intrusion into Sony's servers.

Hopefully we'll be able to bring some good news, or even an optimistic look at Sony's fortunes in the near future. The company looked to be winning back customer favor with its 'Welcome Back' promotion, but has already come under fire from fans who were less than satisfied.

At this point, Sony has to feel a bit like the little dutch boy trying to plug holes in the dam, with security breaches popping up left and right. How the company will be able to recover in time for some good press at E3 2011 remains to be seen, but we'll keep you up to date if and when some announcements are made.


Source: F-Secure (via LA Times)

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