Sony Sending Out Golden Ticket to Select PSN Users

Sony Golden Ticket PSN Voucher

One doesn't have to be a character in a Willy Wonka book to get a golden ticket, but they might have to be a registered PSN user. Reports are springing up that Sony has been sneaking several golden tickets into the weekly PlayStation newsletter, with the Midas-touched virtual tickets granting PSN users hefty gift vouchers to use on digital purchases. Yesterday, one user who opened the newsletter received a $100 voucher via this golden ticket, which is certainly enough to buy any Triple A game on the market.

While not every winner is going to be a golden ticket offering $100 off on the PlayStation Store, that isn't to say the smaller prizes are something to scoff at either, as others have won 20% off their next purchase, which is a pretty sizable discount for something that isn't the main prize. It's possible that there are more prize denominations being doled out along select emails, but the only way to find out is if other winners publicly come forward.


Gamers who want to sign up for the weekly PlayStation newsletter can do so right here. While the majority of gamers will simply stay connected with Sony in regards to the latest games, deals, and promotions, evidently a select few will be gifted some bonus vouchers as well. Those who are already signed up on PSN and want a chance of winning the rare golden ticket should make sure they have the optioned ticked off to receive marketing material in their PlayStation Network account, which is what enables Sony to send the weekly PlayStation newsletters in the first place.

Many gamers in the most recent Reddit thread which spawned the news of the $100 golden ticket have asked how to sign up for the promotion, meaning that Sony has found some evident success in its Willy Wonka-inspired marketing gimmick. In the case of the most recent winner's example, his $100 off voucher expires at the end of the month, meaning these aren't something gamers will be able to harbor on their accounts while waiting for new releases like Kingdom Hearts 3. Diamonds may be forever, but golden tickets sure aren't.

What do you think about Sony's golden tickets, Ranters? Have you won anything from a PlayStation newsletter?

Sony's golden tickets have been sent out to select PSN users.

Source: Reddit

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