Sony and George 'GeoHot' Hotz Settle Out of Court

Sony Settles with Geohot

The ongoing case between Sony and noted hacker George “GeoHot” Hotz has finally come to an end as both parties have settled out of court. While neither Sony nor Hotz have commented on the details of the settlement, both are happy to have the issue behind them.

Beginning late last year, after Hotz placed the PS3 root key on the internet, this lawsuit between Hotz and Sony has been one that gamers were watching very carefully. While its implications might never have reached your casual gamer, it was a big deal for those who like to use their console for "extracurricular" activities.

Along the way, both sides battled for the upper hand, but neither party wanted this trial to drag out. Sony still had plenty of other problems spring up after Hotz’s hack, but none held a candle to Hotz’s personality and his unwillingness to acquiesce. What finally turned the tides we cannot say, but it’s hard to imagine that Hotz was able to gain anything close to his original demands from Sony.

Though the details of the settlement are unknown, Sony did have this to say about the lawsuit and about Hotz:

“We want our consumers to be able to enjoy our devices and products in a safe and fun environment and we want to protect the hard work of the talented engineers, artists, musicians and game designers who make PlayStation games and support the PlayStation Network. We appreciate Mr. Hotz’s willingness to address the legal issues involved in this case and work with us to quickly bring this matter to an early resolution.”

Now, with several updates that have increased the PS3’s security, Sony can look towards the future of their console. As hackers will always pine for the days of Linux use and other OpenOS possibilities, Sony should still remain vigilant and always willing to adapt.

As for Hotz, we highly doubt this is the last we will hear of the noted iPhone jailbreaker. Perhaps we might see his return in a more legitimate capacity, maybe as a security consultant for a software or hardware developer. As long as he stays out of Sony’s hair and within the confines of the law, he might be able to turn his hacking skills into a successful career.

Do you think this is the last we will hear of George Hotz? What do you hope Sony has learned from this Hotz's hack and the resulting lawsuit?


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Source: PlayStation Blog

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