Another Sony Reveal Unfinished Swan

After revealing two pretty substantial triple-A titles in the past few weeks (God of War: Ascension and PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale) one would have to figure that Sony was done with the reveals until probably E3. According to someone at Sony, though, there might be one more Sony-related reveal squeaked out before the annual Entertainment Expo.

While we are still eagerly anticipated our first look at footage from God of War: Ascension, which sees a younger Kratos before he became the eponymous God of War, sources are suggesting that Sony might finally reveal their unique downloadable title, Unfinished Swan.

Writer John Minkley, who was speaking to Eurogamer during a preview of PlayStation: All-Stars: Battle Royale, reveled that “there’s another under-wraps oddity — to be revealed next week — which once again highlights the company’s laudable support for new talent.” Like SuperBot Entertainment being given the coveted job of working on All-Stars this telling quote suggests that this is a new title from a new developer, which fits the bill for Unfinished Swan.

So far not much is known about Unfinished Swan, besides its early development and a tech demo that was released, but apparently it is going to blow gamers’ minds.

The core concept of Unfinished Swan is centered on the idea that the player is trapped in a completely white world, and must use black splatters of paint to find their way out. New pathways, doorways, and obstacles will reveal themselves, but only those that have paint on them. From the early tech demo trailer that was released, the title looked pretty intriguing.

Now, even though signs might be pointing to Unfinished Swan as the most likely candidate for this forthcoming Sony reveal, that doesn’t mean that’s what it is. Sony fans have been speculating all year as to what first party titles the publisher might reveal.

While not having any tantalizing first party titles going into 2012, Sony never failed to impress us with two unexpected (or moderately unexpected) titles. And now, with the promise of yet another one it appears as if Sony wouldn’t need to unveil anything special.

What do you think Sony’s next reveal will be? Is it about time that Sony gets some unique downloadable titles (like Journey) to rival XBLA?

Source: Eurogamer (via Shop to News)