Sony Shuts Down Rumors Red Dead 2 Was Planned for E3 2016 Conference

Following rumors that Red Dead 2 was cut out of Sony's E3 press conference at the last minute, Sony's Adam Boyes dispels all speculation by stating that nothing was cut at all.

Out of all the press conferences that were held at this year's E3, Sony's showcase was one of the more warmly-received presentations of the event. While the spotlight was primarily taken by games like the new God of War and Hideo Kojima's new and mysterious Death Stranding, the absence of Red Dead 2 had not gone unnoticed. While there were rumors that Sony had originally planned to unveil the title at its E3 showcase but decided to replace it at the last minute with the Days Gone cinematic trailer, Sony's Adam Boyes has shed some light on what really went on.

When a Twitter user tweeted Boyes about the rumors behind the lack of Red Dead 2 at Sony's E3 conference, Boyes dispelled all the recent speculation by stating that nothing was cut from Sony's showcase and that all the content that was shown off had been locked down and unchanged for months.


This statement is bound to be somewhat disappointing to gamers, as Take-Two had promised that it will be at E3 2016 in a "big way", but nothing noteworthy has been unveiled at the event. Having said that, not all hope is completely lost for the possibility of a Red Dead 2 as Sony as not outright denied the existence of the game.

Just a few weeks ago, Rockstar Games announced that it will reveal a new game "soon", and given that the studio that developed Red Dead Redemption, Rockstar San Diego only started hiring for its next project a year ago, it could be that Red Dead 2 was simply not in a complete enough state to present at this year's E3.

It is also worth noting that prior to Sony's announcement of the upcoming Crash Bandicoot remasters just yesterday, a representative for the NECA had initially shot down rumors of a Crash Bandicoot comeback.

The lack of Red Dead 2 at this year's E3 was undoubtedly disappointing, But we still have other big events to look forward to such as gamescom, Paris Games Week, and the Tokyo Game Show. While the chances are very slim, there still remains the possibility that Red Dead 2 could still be unveiled this year.

Source: Twitter (via PlayStation Lifestyle)

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