Sony Defends Vita Sales, Details Additional Features

Sony Defends Vita Sales New Vita Features

The PlayStation Vita has not seen the greatest success since its launch in Japan back in December, but Sony execs will say otherwise. With only a few weeks away until the North American release, will the Vita prove to be a force to be reckon with come February 22 Sony is quick to defend the Vita's sales as a strong start, and with new features and upgrades on the way claim the Vita is bound to start picking up.

When the Vita launched in Japan on December 17, 2011 it opened up to unexpectedly poor results. The initial buyers brought hope to Sony, but sales immediately plummeted with many retailers dropping the price of the 3G model. This may have not come to a shock seeing how the Vita played host to a number of glitches that were made public thanks to the Internet. Who would want to buy a glitchy handheld?

Sony has continued to defend the honor of their handheld newborn and expect sales to pick back up much like Nintendo's 3DS. There is speculation that the Vita may recover in time due to an abundance of big name titles, which include LittleBigPlanet, Call of Duty, and Uncharted.

Courtesy of CVG, Sony's Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Masaru Kato today explained the company's optimism to investors:

"Now the company has not publicly announced the shipping unit - unit of shipping and sales, at the appropriate time, we would do so. But as far as the sell-through, three weeks have passed and sell-through is 500,000. This was announced on the 10th of January. So as a start, I think we had a very - a good start. Including software and hardware, we are carrying out the sales promotions and we do it to boost the sales, and we do not think we have any problems"

Sony has already begun to lay the ground work for improvement before the North American release. No price drop has been confirmed yet, so don't get too excited, but Sony has confirmed the option of downloadable games that are cheaper than their hard copy brethren. Along with the option to download games, Sony also plans on turning the PSN into the Sony Entertainment Network.

But those aren't the only significant changes. According to andriasang the Vita will be getting a considerable firmware that will add the ability for video capture, utilize OS X support, and offer GPS tracking. This release is set for a February 8 release in Japan and has no official date for other territories, and will also automatically rid the phrase "PlayStation Network" to make room for the Sony Entertainment Network.

What do you say Ranters, will you be purchasing a Vita? Does a launch line-up of compelling games matter more to you than technical features?

The PlayStation Vita arrives in North America on February 22, 2012.


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Source: AndriasangCVG

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