Sony Unveils New PS4 Limited Edition to Celebrate Days of Play

New Days of Play electric Blue System announced

Days of Play is finally coming back with a special PlayStation 4 limited edition console as well as discounts to select PlayStation Games.

The limited edition Days of Play PlayStation 4 has a one-terabyte hard drive with a golden PlayStation symbol emblazoned atop the electric blue console and comes with a matching Dual Shock 4 controller. While this version will only be available in the US and Canada, a similar edition is being released in Europe and Australia but the hard drive is only 500 gigabytes and it comes with two controllers. This limited edition PlayStation 4 will be available on June 8th for $300/ €250.

This is not the only special deal available during PlayStation’s Days of Play event, which lasts from June 8th until the 18th. The standard Jet Black PlayStation 4 Pro model is being sold for $350 instead of the normal $399 and a PSVR bundle is being sold for $200, which includes the system and select games. There are several other hardware discounts such as $40 for any colored Dual Shock 4 controller as well as $79.99 for a 2-pack of PlayStation Move controllers.

blue playstation 4 console

Select games will also be on sale including the critically acclaimed God of War, which will be sold for $50, Grand Turismo: Sport, Horizon: Zero Dawn, MLB The Show: 18, and Shadow of the Colossus. There will also be sales on PlayStation Plus subscriptions and various other PSVR games.

The deals on upgraded PlayStation 4 models should put to rest any rumors regarding a new PlayStation system being announced at E3, despite Sony denying such claims.

Sony’s Days of Play began in June of 2017, during which they offered similar deals on new games (Horizon: Zero Dawn, Nioh, and Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End) as well as discounts on select hardware. The summer months are typically dry for video game releases so having Sony products in consumer's hands should prove beneficial once the holiday months and releases begin.

Source: Sony

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