Sony Creates Giant PS4 DualShock Controller

sony giant ps4 controller

Let it never be said that Sony doesn't know how to make a big, bizarre statement. For reasons yet unknown to anyone outside of the management team that okayed the project, Sony has constructed a giant DualShock 4 controller and placed it within the Sony Interactive Entertainment building in Tokyo. Perhaps, at first glance, many gamers would assume it was simply a monument to the PS4's staggering sales success - but they'd be wrong, as Sony has ensured that the controller is functional as well, allowing those in the building to use it to play what must seem like a comically small PS4 console that it is attached to.

The humungous controller only has limited functionality, as the face and shoulder buttons, alongside the D-pad, are fully operational while the thumbsticks aren't playable. It seems unlikely that the touchpad on the controller would work either, although it would be by far the best use for the "touch and type" functionality the DualShock 4 has - the controller's actual touchpad always seemed too small for that feature, and the giant controller's version of it is at least the size of a keyboard.

Gigazine, the website that broke this development from Sony, also went hands-on with the controller to enjoy a rousing game of PaRappa the Rapper, which is demonstrated in the video above. It's probably a good thing Sony didn't hook the controller up to a console that was running something like Dark Souls 3, as the controller itself seems quite heavy and would be difficult to throw at a television screen upon dying for the tenth time in a row to a random enemy mob.

Jokes aside, Sony has good reason to celebrate the PS4's success in any way the company sees fit. The console was briefly surpassed by the Xbox One in sales late last year, but has since been buoyed by strong PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro sales, reclaiming the console dominance that has characterized almost the entirety of the PS4's lifespan. If Sony wants to commemorate those victories with an entire catalogue of gigantic PS4 accessories, the gaming giant has earned that right - although, if that's the case, here's hoping a room-sized PS4 isn't too far behind.

Source: Gigazine

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