The Sony press conference this year will be sorely lacking in a new console announcement, but a few other likely reveals might make up for it. It appears that next Monday during Sony’s press conference, the company will be announcing the acquisition of one of the two primary cloud gaming services, as well as the ‘Storyteller’ eBook initiative.

We reported on the rumor of Gaikai coming to PS3 late last week, and although we could not find much proof to back it up, MCV is now claiming that sources tell them the deal “is close to being signed.” There is no further indication in the post of whether Gaikai or OnLive will be Sony’s suitor, but after Gaikai’s tweet about “major announcement” and a recent email invitation mentioning “disruptive plans,” the answer is becoming much clearer.

Assuming Sony does acquire Gaikai, the discussion will quickly turn to how they plan on implementing cloud gaming into their current console offerings. Both Gaikai and OnLive have proven that streaming graphically intensive PC games to low-end computers is possible, so a powerful portable system such as the Vita should be a logical platform for cloud gaming. MCV makes sure to highlight just how extensive the deal is going to be:

“The acquisition has implications for all parts of Sony’s business, both in the consumer tech and console divisions.”

The questions we asked when the rumor sprung up last week are in no way closer to being answered, but the possibilities for the future of Sony Computer Entertainment are extremely exciting nonetheless. Offering console gamers access to streaming games without the previously debilitating issues of hard drive space or backwards compatibility-limiting hardware would definitely be a move in the right direction.

In slightly less revolutionary news, MCV reports that Sony’s new eBook initiative, ‘Storyteller,’ will appear on the PS3, and potentially the Vita:

“It will be called ‘Storyteller’ and will see PS3 — and possibly Vita — used to present interactive documents and books, with a particular focus on children’s content.”

‘Storyteller’ will become another section of the PlayStation Network Store, presumably sitting beside the current Games and Movies sections. With the booming sales of eBook readers over the past several years, this initiative is no surprise, but it seems unlikely that any consumers would toss out their Kindles in favor of reading Game of Thrones on a Vita.

Although none of these reports have been officially confirmed by Sony, cloud gaming and eBooks are very likely candidates for inclusion in Sony’s plans to continually advance their offerings in the entertainment industry. We will have to wait until Monday to see how much of this news will come to fruition.

So Ranters, how do you feel about the possibility of cloud gaming coming to the PS3 and the Vita? Also, do you ever see yourself reading a book or looking over interactive documents on your Vita? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: MCV

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