Sony Teases Black Friday Deals with Weird Ad


Sony Interactive Entertainment releases a rather bizarre advertisement as a means to promote some of its Black Friday deals for the PlayStation Store.

Throughout the history of the industry there have been plenty of interesting video game commercials, and now it seems as if Sony has decided to promote some of its products by releasing a new advertisement that could leave some scratching their heads. To be more specific, the Japan-based tech giant just recently released a brief, 30 second-long clip to make gaming fans aware of the impending Black Friday deals coming to the PlayStation Store by using actors of whom are contorting their faces in some strange ways.

As seen in Sony's Black Friday ad below, the company decided to simply show the faces of a variety of people who are whipping their heads back and forth in slow-mo in front of a giant fan. This happens for the majority of the clip before it shares a message that gamers should "play it cool this Black Friday," followed by a tease that there will be discounts of up to 60 percent on the PlayStation Network for one of the biggest shopping days of the year.


Although Sony's surreal advertisement doesn't offer any direct information in the way of which of its wares will be included in this specific Black Friday promotion, the ad does insist that fans visit the PlayStation website in order to sign up to be notified as soon as the sale starts. Apparently, if the official PlayStation EU Twitter account's message is indicative of these deals around the globe, then everyone will be able to get in on the action earlier than normal with the discounts beginning "a little early this year" on Thursday, Thanksgiving Day.

According to the official PlayStation website, not only will Sony be running the expected markdowns on software for Black Friday, but also it suggests that fans should "Get ready for the biggest deals of the year on PlayStation console bundles." Of course, as previously mentioned, no specifics on which titles will be included in the event have been shared so far.


Last year, Sony's Black Friday sales were reported as being the most successful in the company's history, so it will be interesting to see whether or not the multinational can best its sales performance from 2015. Not to mention, consumers' shopping habits during this particular sales period ended up moving enough units of Sony's current generation system to make PS4 the most popular console of Black Friday 2015.

Taking all of this into consideration, with Sony teasing its decision to offer some of the "biggest deals of the year" on bundles for its consoles, one can only surmise that the company will have some major packages in place for its latest pieces of hardware in PlayStation VR, PlayStation Slim, and the PlayStation 4 Pro. Of course, Sony has yet to officially confirm exactly what it will be including in this year's Black Friday deals, but it would be odd if some of its most cutting edge technology gets left out of the mix.

Sony's Black Friday sales for the PlayStation Store are set to begin on November 24, 2016, Thanksgiving Day.

Source: PlayStation EU – Twitter, YouTube

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