Back at E3 2009, Sony unveiled the PlayStation Motion Controller to the world, and underwhelmed us all with what was essentially a dude gently pushing over an on-screen skeleton by waving what appeared to be an 80’s-era microphone with a tennis ball on top.

Since that time, nary a peep has been heard on the device’s state.  Well, at least from Sony.

THQ’s CEO Brian Ferrell incessantly dropped the name ‘Playstation Arc’ earlier this month when talking about his company’s support for the device during an inverstor’s earnings call; a name-drop that Sony refused to comment on, but have seen fit to register a domain for (  The device itself has also undergone something of a cosmetic makeover since it’s debut.  So say goodbye to 80’s microphone with tennis ball, and say hello to gentleman’s electric razor with light bulb.

Now we know Sony knows best when it comes to advertising it’s own products, but they aren’t quite ready to open the kimono just yet.  On GDC 2010’s web page, one of the events listed is ‘Introducing the PlayStation 3 Motion Controller’.  Yes, they’re ‘introducing’ it again, just like last year.

The presentation is set for March 11th at 3pm and will run for 60 minutes.

The presentation description reads thusly:

“The soon to be released Motion Controller for PlayStation 3 will allow developers to create new game play experiences, by allowing players to interact with their console in high definition using their bodies. The Motion Controller uses 3D position and orientation tracking, camera input and a controllable RGB LED to bridge the gap between camera, motion and traditional interfaces.”

Whether SCEA presenters David Coombs and Kirk Bender will drop the A-bomb during this 60 minutes is unclear, but the device is rapidly nearing launch and it needs a name.  Playstation EyeHandz, PStriple Stickwaver, whatever.  With Nintendo’s Wii MotionPlus and Microsoft’s Natal sat next to it on store shelves, it needs something catchier than ‘Motion Controller’ on the box if Sony expects Mom, Dad, Billy and Susie to buy it.

What are you hoping to see come out of the PlayStation Arc presentation? How would you like the device to be implemented.

Sources: GDC 2010

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