Sony is at it again, this time teasing some sort of game announcement to take place a week from today, on the 19th. Of course, in true cryptic fashion only vague clues are left for the game, leading to rampant speculation.

What we do know about the announcement is that it has something to do with vengeance bringing redemption. Platinum Games has already taught us that revenge plus vengeance equals revengeance, but the real question is what vengeful character might be looking for redemption.

The obvious candidate, and the one that most gamers are running with on Sony’s official Facebook page — where the below teaser image for the game was posted — is God of War 4. There have been rumors circulating recently that suggest a fourth game in the popular god-slaying franchise is in the works, but beyond that it’s been nothing concrete from Sony.

Sony Teaser Image April

Even if this game does turn out to be God of War, though, there’s also no guarantee that it will be God of War IV. Sony has just released their PlayStation Vita earlier this year, a handheld that could really benefit from some first party exclusives like a God of War.

Still, just because the teaser image makes mention of revenge and redemption, something God of War protagonist Kratos was searching for, doesn’t necessarily mean this announcement will be for God of War 4. Sony has released many a cryptic message in the past, just recently when they announced The Last of Us, and nearly every time, despite fans claiming it has to be God of War, it wasn’t.

Other likely candidates, but ones that have lesser ties to the tagline, include the Sony Smash Bros. Clone or a follow-up to Red Dead Redemption, but in all honestly God of War fits the bill nicely.

We are, however, nearing E3 2012; the place where a full scale God of War reveal is the most likely to take place. Perhaps Sony wants to tease the game first, and then show it off at the industry’s biggest event.

What do you think this cryptic teaser from Sony is for? Does a PS3 or Vita version of the next God of War seem more likely?

Source: Facebook