Sony has announced two new upcoming Android-based tablets, codenamed the S1 (pictured above on the left) and S2 (pictured above on the right). While the designs are not 100% finalized, Sony has provided details about each tablet. The S1 is optimized for rich media entertainment and S2 is made for mobile communication and entertainment. The tablets are expected to become available in the global market starting in fall 2011. Both will come equipped with the latest Android 3.0 operating system.

Both tablets will also have access to Sony’s premium network services. While this might not seem like such a good thing at the moment due to the network security problems, a tablet needs to be connected to content to really compete with the likes of the iPad. If Sony can manage to secure its network, it certainly has the content and media partners in place to provide fun and engaging media for Sony Tablet owners.

S1 has a 9.4-inch display and an off-center of gravity design to help with stability and ease of grip. S2 has two 5.5-inch displays that can be folded for easy portability. Its dual-screen presentation and usability allows its displays to be combined and used as a large screen or for different functions such as playing video on one screen while showing control buttons on the other (a la 3DS).

In addition to running Android 3.0, the tablets will have access to Qriocity, the PlayStation Suite, and ebooks from the Reader Store. Much like Apple’s Remote app for the iPod, iPhone, and iPad devices and AirPlay, the users will be able to control select Sony TVs with their tablet and and stream content through DLNA functionality to screens or speakers.

It seems like the Sony tablets have the right back-of-box bullet points for consumers looking to purchase a tablet but it remains to be seen how successful Sony can make the user experience and if any tablet can really compete with the iPad. More competition is never a bad thing, however, and hopefully someone can find the right mix of content and form factor to truly rival Apple in the tablet space. Whether or not Sony’s recent security holes impact the upcoming tablets is a little hard to predict. Hopefully by the time the tablets come out Sony’s networks will be more secure than ever.

What is your take? Are you interested in either of these Sony tablets? Do you think Sony can succeed in the tablet market with the S1 and S2? What features do you think are needed for a tablet to sell as well as the iPad? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Sony

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