‘Sons of Anarchy’ Game ‘Definitely’ Happening

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Official movie video games — at best they’re a mixed bag. For every successful Escape From Butcher Bay there’s 10 times the amount of interminable dross, from SEGA Iron Man titles, to Street Fighter: The Movie and – who could forget (despite their best efforts) – E.T The Extra-Terrestrial.

With mainstream TV currently enjoying something of a golden era — think Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, True Detective et al— more and more television shows are opting to follow the silver screen’s lead into the video gaming market.

The latest title to try its hand at a halfway decent tie-in is none other than FX’s own Sons of Anarchy – a brutal, bloody and oftentimes brilliant series revolving around the actions of an outlaw biker gang. Announced by showrunner Kurt Sutter on Tuesday, the news, which first appeared on Sutter’s own Twitter account states:

“I cannot give you anymore details, but i will tell you that — there will definitely be an SOA GAME. and it’s pretty f****** awesome.”

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time Sutter has talked up a potential Sons of Anarchy title, with the writer first discussing the move back in May of 2012.

With no more information currently available on the game, it falls to fans of the series to speculate just how the gritty and grease-smeared drama will be brought to digital life.  Should the title adopt a sandbox structure, akin to GTA‘s Lost & the Damned DLC, or take on a less ambitious, more linear makeup, similar to 2013’s awful biker title Ride to Hell: Retribution?

Sons of Anarchy Console Game

Other puzzles include the exact time frame for the game — with Sons of Anarchy aficionados left to wonder just when and where the title will intersect with particular seasons and storylines, if at all. A more open-ended design might find players controlling a previously unknown character, someone able to interact with the series’ stars without muddling up established narratives.

Given the level of cost involved in triple-A games development it might be too much for this Sons of Anarchy title to end up on the next-generation of consoles. A more likely route for the game is as a downloadable product, whenever it arrives.

Can a Sons of Anarchy title appeal to a mass audience? What kind of genre will the game turn out to be — sandbox, shooter, racing title? How should the game intersect with the TV series? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to keep up with all of the latest gaming news, right here on Game Rant.


Sons of Anarchy is currently airing on the FX network. The series’ latest season, season 6 finished up on December 10, 2013, with a seventh and final season rumored to be in pre-production as of 2014.

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Source: Kurt Sutter (Twitter)