'Sonic The Hedgehog' Fan Film In The Works

Sonic the Hedgehog Fan Film

What can be said about the Sonic the Hedgehog series? The franchise, despite being not as good as it once was, is still considered to be one of the premier gaming series in existence. Sonic has retained his popularity since the end of the Sega Dreamcast based purely on how good the older games were.

Evidence of this popularity has appeared in the news that a fan film about Sonic is being made. The creators of said film have been working on the idea since 2005, and despite being rejected by Sega's Japanese branch in 2007, have continued to make the film a reality.

Since spring of 2010, they've focused on pre-production, including scripts, storyboards, voices, etc. Now, the next part of the film is in the works, that being the animation. The creators have said that the animation style is a combination of hand-drawn and CGI, in an attempt to bring back fluid animation similar to Disney/Don Bluth films.

What little can be seen from the video is that the movie will be following the characters from the early 90's Sonic The Hedgehog Saturday morning cartoon, which was itself based off of the Archie Sonic the Hedgehog comic book series. The creators mentioned that the backgrounds in the film will be based off of areas from the Sega Genesis games, and that characters from both the Saturday morning show and the various games would be featured, even suggesting a Super Sonic appearance.

If the sneak preview is any indication, the film could be very, very impressive. Have a look at the trailer for the Sonic the Hedgehog fan film:


Currently, the producers have yet to get an official release ready, but they are looking for anyone willing to give them a direct-to-DVD release, or even a second chance at a theatrical promotion.

Sonic the Hedgehog Fan Film Poster

Someone once said that if a video gaming Mount Rushmore was made, Sonic's face would be up there, probably right beside his long-time rival Mario. Sonic was not only the face of a franchise, but the face of a company, helping to put Sega on the map and making them legitimate opponents to Nintendo. In other words, Sonic is still a big deal.

Are you looking forward to seeing this film completed? How do you think the various characters will be incorporated? What possible plots could be used? How do you think the film will compare to the indie-produced Sonic Fan Remix game?

Source: Indiegogo

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