Sometimes, it can be fun to look back on what’s already been accomplished. If you’re a big name gaming franchise that’s been around for more than a few years, it’s nice to take a look back at how far you’ve come and how you’ve changed over the years. Sonic The Hedgehog is just such a franchise, and with its 20th anniversary being celebrated with a new game, Sonic Generations, Sega have decided to do just that by releasing a new trailer that looks back on the Sonic franchise as a whole.

The trailer goes through all of the significant games released in the franchise, good or bad. So no, no sign of Sonic 3D Blast or any of the Game Gear titles, for those who are wondering. Granted, Sega also chose to acknowledge Sonic 2006 and Sonic and the Secret Rings, so make of that what you will. Still, some have speculated that the games featured in the trailer represent levels that will appear in Sonic Generations, though there is no official information that confirms or denies this.

Have a look for yourself at how Sonic has evolved in the past 20 years of his existence.


Sadly, no new gameplay footage for Sonic Generations was featured in the video, so we’re still mostly left in the dark as to what the game will contain. However, the aforementioned theory of the video showing what levels will return may have some truth to it.

This new rumor would seem to lend some credence to theĀ Sonic Generations demo files story, as a number of the levels discovered in the hack are featured in the trailer. This could be good news for gamers, as it means that there will be at least two levels for each game in the series, which, when further divided between Classic and Modern Sonic, means a grand total of 48 levels to play through. That should satisfy many longtime Sonic fans.

Do you think that Sonic Generations will feature any of the levels that appeared in the trailer? Do you have any personal stories regarding your experiences with the Sonic franchise that you’d like to share?

Sonic Generations will arrive this holiday season for the Xbox 360, PS3, and Nintendo 3DS.