Sonic Stars In New Progressive Insurance Ad

Sonic Stars in New Progressive Insurance Ad

Everybody's favorite blue hedgehog, Sonic, has been making one strong comeback these past few months. Sonic Generations was a return to form for the blue bomber (check out our review) and that new-found success has apparently prepared the speedster for what has to be his biggest challenge yet – insurance. Yes, apparently Sonic is teaming with Progressive to assist them in selling coverage of all types to the uninsured masses.

Those reading this probably already know that the video game industry is kind of a big deal, and featuring well known characters from popular titles is an extremely effective way to catch a gamer’s eye. Let’s face it, gamers are much too busy playing games to watch TV, and if they are watching they’ll probably pull out their smartphone or handheld once the commercials come on.

This certainly isn't the first time a company has capitalized on the popularity of video games, with Subway featuring Uncharted 3's Nathan Drake in last year's ad campaign to sell sandwiches, and in turn promote the game’s multiplayer beta. That decision didn't sit well with many gamers, including us here at Game Rant (see our Game Ranter Banter) for what should be obvious reasons.

One strange thing people might notice about the ad in question is the fact that Sonic - one of the more outspoken mascots in gaming -  doesn't say a word the entire time. In fact, the sounds he does make don’t sound like him at all. The squeaks heard sound more like Minnie Mouse than the hedgehog we’ve all grown to love – who at one point was voiced by Family Matter's star Jaleel White.

Have a look for yourselves:


Sonic’s involvement in this commercial raises some questions of course, with the biggest being: why would Progressive want Sonic in their ads? It’s possible they’re attempting to bring in younger – actually, maybe older – gamers who are looking for insurance coverage. Another reason could be that Mario was too expensive, and Sonic was all they could afford with their budget.

Whatever the case, this is also a win for Sega, having just announced Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode 2, a game that will bring new improvements to the series and even throw sidekick Tails into the mix. Having Sonic appear on TV is sure to spark nostalgia for all of those who owned the Sega Genesis back in the day, so perhaps the ad is beneficial for both parties.

Another issue that comes to mind is that Sonic is constantly running head first into danger, which leads us to believe that any insurance policy he qualifies for must be through the roof. If Progressive can get him a good deal just think what they can do for Nathan Drake, Marcus Fenix or any other video game personality who has a tendency of getting their vehicles destroyed. Then again, would you really trust someone who throws gold rings around like they're pennies for insurance advice?

All kidding aside, how do you feel about Sonic in this new Progressive ad? Love it, hate it? Meh? Let us know in the comments.


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