How the Sonic Movie Redesigned the Character

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The Sonic the Hedgehog movie got off to a bumpy start when the original trailer was released earlier this year. Sonic seemed like an odd character to make a film about, primarily because the original games consist of freeing the animals of South Island and Sonic makes noises rather than talking. However, it was Sonic's appearance that put off fans and needed to be rectified.

The original trailer had a strange humanoid Sonic which was unsettling for many viewers. When the new trailer for the Sonic the Hedgehog movie released this week with a more familiar-looking Sonic, fans rejoiced. Now it's been revealed how the odd-looking humanoid Sonic was transformed into a character that fans are more accustomed to and it is thanks to a familiar name. The animation director of Sonic Mania, Tyson Hesse, actually stepped in to fix Sonic's appearance for the movie.

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Hesse tweeted about his work on the movie and wrote that he was "honored" to be part of the project. However, Hesse doesn't state when he designed the movie iteration of the character and it could be possible that the original designs were not considered when filming began. The VFX designer has claimed that the "new" Sonic design was essentially the original. Either way, the new design is fantastic and fans will be glad that the production studio has found a way to keep Sonic's famous look.

The film has a solid cast, with Jim Carrey playing Eggman in the new Sonic movie. Stars such as Ben Schwartz and James Marsden also feature as Sonic and his friend Tom. It will be interesting to see if the stars can make the film a success and whether the film lives up to the revamped expectation after Sonic's redesign. If the story can live up to the cast for the film and the Sonic's new look, then viewers may be in for a treat.

The new design of Sonic is being revealed everywhere and the promotion of this Sonic movie looks to continue. It is hardly surprising that the redesign is being promoted so heavily as the new look has given the film a huge amount of support, with many fans happy that their voices have been heard and acted on. It's pretty rare that studio takes on board what fans have to say, and goes as far as to delay the release of the feature to please moviegoers. However, this is what the team behind Sonic the Hedgehog has done.

Sonic the Hedgehog releases in theaters on February 14.

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