The last news fans heard regarding the release date of Sega’s 2D Sonic the Hedgehog revival with Sonic Mania involved the title being pushed back from its initial launch in the spring of this year to get delayed until summer 2017. Now, it looks as if an exact release date for the Blue Blur’s forthcoming game has been inadvertently revealed on its Steam page, with a trailer listing its availability being August 15, 2017.

As seen in the screenshot of Sonic Mania‘s Steam page below, European fans who watch the initial trailer that plays automatically on the site to completion will be shown the August 15, 2017 date. Those in the United States, however, are shown a trailer with the exact same contents, only the end of it still displays a summer 2017 launch window instead of a more specific time frame.

Of course, considering the fact that Sega has yet to officially reveal precisely when Sonic Mania will be released to the public, there’s no telling if the August release date listed on the game’s European Steam page is accurate. That said, though, it definitely seems to be legitimate, especially when one bears in mind that the trailer was made to be specifically featured on Steam to promote the title. Nevertheless, even if it does go on to be confirmed as the de facto launch date, since the Sonic the Hedgehog release has been postponed before, it could very well get delayed again.

Although it’s still unclear as to when Sonic Mania will come out, fans of the franchise can at least get a better idea as to what the contents of the forthcoming title will contain, as Sega has put out gameplay trailers such as one involving Knuckles making a run through the updated version of the Flying Battery Zone from Sonic 3 and Sonic and Knuckles. Hopefully, Sonic Mania will not only capitalize on players’ nostalgia, but also provide a unique new experience with refined graphics, richer sounding music, and honed mechanics as well.

Sonic Mania is currently in production for Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One with a tentative August 15, 2017 release date.

Source: NeoGAF, Steam