One of the biggest rivalries in gaming history was the feud between Nintendo and SEGA. The two companies continuously tried to outdo one another, and the end result eventually saw SEGA call it quits and switch to third-party publishing. In the years following the former platform manufacturer’s withdrawal from the console market, Nintendo and SEGA have created a rather lucrative partnership which has seen a number of exclusive games hit Ninty-made systems.

The latest joint announcement from the pair revealed that there would be three Sonic the Hedgehog games coming exclusively to Nintendo platforms — two of which were confirmed as Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games and Sonic Lost World. While gameplay footage for the Olympic-themed Mario/Sonic crossover was shown, fans were only given a brief teaser image of what to expect from Sonic Lost World.

Today, however, SEGA rectified that minor dilemma by providing IGN with the exclusive trailer reveal for the new game. As is evident from the brief snippets of gameplay that can be found within the trailer, the classic platforming that made Sonic Generations so popular will be returning, but this time with a significant twist that should make for an interesting game.

Sonic Lost World Trailer

The world (which we’re assuming is or was lost) seems to have taken a few pages right out of Super Mario Galaxy‘s book, with constantly shifting levels and gravity mechanics that make traversing areas all the more interesting.

Certain portions of the game also look as if they’ll be slowing down the action to focus on platforming elements, which sounds like a good idea for fans that aren’t privy to ripping through a level at lightning-fast speeds — provided the platforming is comparable to that of Super Mario. That said, there’s still plenty of high speed action that blue blur aficionados are almost guaranteed to enjoy, and the facing down the newly unveiled ‘Deadly Six’ should provide a nice change of pace compared to standard bouts with Dr. Eggman.

Sonic Lost World will be coming exclusively to the Nintendo Wii U and 3DS at some point later this year.

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Source: IGN