Sonic Generations Metal Sonic Screenshots

One of the disadvantages to being the protagonist of a long-running series of games is that you usually build up an impressive list of enemies. Sonic the Hedgehog is no exception to this rule, for while his chief antagonist will always be Doctor Robotnik/Eggman, a number of games in the series have introduced new villains to fight – the later games in particular. Sonic Generations looks to showcase a number of those villains, if the leaked demo hack is anything to go by.

However, we now know for sure one villain that will appear in the game, and it’s one that many Sonic fans will recognize as the first evil counterpart of the blue hedgehog to gain substantial recognition from the fanbase. He is the Venom to Sonic’s Spider-Man, the Bizarro to his Superman. He is Metal Sonic.

The screenshots released show Metal Sonic chasing after the old-school hero in a scene that is very reminiscent of Metal Sonic’s original appearance in Sonic CD, acting as the boss for the second-to-last level.

While the screenshots were listed as being from the Chemical Plant Zone from Sonic 2, the background doesn’t exactly match the original level, and again, looks more like Metal Sonic’s first appearance.

Have a look and judge for yourself.

Whether these are showcasing the Chemical Plant Zone or not, the boss battle certainly looks like a real challenge. Having to run away from what is most likely an invincible enemy that can actually destroy the platforms you’re using to escape is a kind of old-school boss battle that you don’t really see anymore. It should also be interesting to see how this boss battle will play out for the modern version of Sonic, if the two have the same bosses.

What’s also noteworthy is that both Metal Sonic and the Chemical Plant Zone were mentioned on the leaked demo list, and the Chemical Plant Zone was featured in the 20th anniversary trailer. This may show that the rumor of the video featuring levels that will appear in Sonic Generations has some truth to it.

Is the Chemical Plant Zone a lock for Sonic Generations? Do either the demo leak or the anniversary trailer rumor seem more likely now?

Sonic Generations will arrive this holiday season for the Xbox 360, PS3, and 3DS.

Source: 411mania