'Sonic Generations' Launch Trailer

Sonic Generations Launch Trailer

It's always an exciting occasion when a video game is finally released. After months of waiting, of teaser trailers and screenshots, of press releases and other tidbits of info, the game makes its way to store shelves for all of the eager players to get their hands on. It's a thrilling event.

It can be especially exciting when the game is meant to mark an occasion itself, and Sonic Generations is exactly that. After 20 years of Sonic the Hedgehog making a name for himself as one of the true icons of gaming, and after months of anticipation, fans can celebrate properly.

If the number of pre-orders are anything to go by, Sonic Generations could wind up being one of the best selling Sonic titles ever. And with good reason, as it brings back levels, bosses, and characters from every main Sonic game up to this point. To commemorate the release of this trip down memory lane, SEGA has released a new trailer to encapsulate everything seen about the game up to this point.

Have a look for yourselves at the official launch trailer for Sonic Generations.


A hole in time causes the Modern version of Sonic to travel back and meet up with the Classic version of himself, and the two have to team up to repair the damaged timeline before some mysterious dark entity completely ruins it. This means that players get to experience levels inspired by every Sonic game as both Classic Sonic (in a 2D form) and Modern Sonic (in a 3D form). Every game from the original Sonic the Hedgehog (which is included in Generations) to Sonic Colors is represented in some way, and you can play as both characters through all of the featured levels.

There's still a lot up in the air in regards to just how much content is in the game. The number of stages included is still unknown, despite the rumor that the game's demo included a list of bosses and levels. Then there's the rumor that this could be the last time we see the Classic Sonic in playable form, which would make this a very bittersweet celebration. All the same, one can't deny that this title could easily be a Sonic fanboy's dream come true.

Are you going to head out to pick up Sonic Generations? What could be next for the Sonic series?

Sonic Generations is out now for the Xbox 360 and PS3. The 3DS version will arrive November 22.

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