With Sonic the Hedgehog celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, one would have to expect a big game release to commemorate the occasion. That big game is Sonic Generations, a game made with the intent of blending the old Sonic with the new Sonic. The unique crossover of game styles is on display at E3 this year (check out our hands-on impressions), and Sega has released a brand new trailer to keep fans’ attention.

The last trailer we saw for Sonic Generations took both Sonics to that famous first level of the Sonic series, the Green Hill Zone from Sonic 1. This new trailer decides to follow that thought process, showing both Sonics going through what looks like the first city level from Sonic Adventure 2. It’s certainly interesting to see the role reversal the Sonics take, with the old-school Sonic going through a completely new level for him, while the new Sonic brings back memories of Adventure 2. Plus, the surfboard returns, with the older Sonic getting it as a power-up.

Take a look at the trailer and judge for yourself.


It was revealed not too long ago that Sonic Generations would be appearing on the Nintendo 3DS, which could certainly help the system’s standing with fans. It’s not currently known what the differences will be between it and the console versions.

From what we’ve seen so far, it looks like levels from both the older Sonic games and the newer Sonic games will be represented in Sonic Generations. The question is, what will the focus be on? The older, more recognizable Sonic levels? Or the newer, more elaborate levels? Or will there be an even balance between the two?

What do you think? Should the game focus on one type of levels over the other? Which system will you be getting the game for? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Sonic Generations will be arriving this holiday season for the Xbox 360, PS3, and Nintendo 3DS.

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