The Sonic the Hedgehog franchise has made some changes with time, though not always for the better. Still, the core aspect of high-speed platforming has remained consistent, which is why the series has survived to this day – despite some people giving up on it.

Sonic Generations looks to show us how the series has evolved with time, and the latest trailer for the game clearly shows this evolution.

The Dreamcast Era of the Sonic series marked the first step into 3D, and what many consider to be the point where the games first dipped in quality. Despite both Sonic Adventure games being well-received in their own right, when compared to the classic games of the Genesis Era, a lot of players feel as though they don’t match up. Whether it was the transition to 3D itself, the other characters brought in, or simply a case of nostalgia blinding a viewpoint, there are plenty of fans who hold a negative view of this Sonic period.

Perhaps even the most skeptical fans will still get some enjoyment out of Sonic Generations’ adaptation¬†of the 3D games, at least if the new trailer is any indication:


Initially revealed back in June thanks to a demo hack, we can now safely confirm the following levels for Sonic Generations: Speed Highway from Sonic Adventure, City Escape from Sonic Adventure 2, and Seaside Hill from Sonic Heroes (which came out after support for the Dreamcast had died-off). The trailer also confirmed what the demo hack showed to be one of the bosses for the game: the anti-Sonic introduced in Sonic Adventure 2, Shadow (sigh).

With only a month to go until release, there’s still a lot we can’t be really sure will appear in the game. The unveiling of two Tails, in a trailer shown at Gamescom this year, seems to indicate there will be co-op. Though no details have been released yet.

What else do you think should be included in Sonic Generations? Do you think each era is getting an accurate representation?

Sonic Generations will arrive November 1st in North America for Xbox 360 and PS3, with a November 4th release date in Europe. The 3DS version release date is still unknown.