As many early adopters of the Nintendo 3DS will admit, the system hasn’t really had a surplus of must-own games since the console launched. What has been surprising is the lack of support from Nintendo’s rival-turned-ally Sega for the new portable. Sure, they have released Super Monkey Ball 3D, and it was a pretty fun venture, but handheld gamers are really missing Sonic the Hedgehog right about now. Fortunately, it seems that Sonic will be tearing it up on the 3DS in the very near future, but that likely won’t be the only Sega franchise making its way to the handheld.

The cover of the upcoming June issue of Nintendo Power recently hit the NeoGAF forums, confirming that Sonic Generations will indeed be making an appearance on the Nintendo 3DS. That’s not the only game revealed however, as an instalment of the long-unused franchise Shinobi has also been confirmed to make its glorious return.

Rumors of Sonic Generations on the Nintendo 3DS started up last week when Sega revealed their latest financial report stating that the latest Sonic game was coming to the 3DS and PC. After that slip by Sega it became pretty obvious that the title was coming, but it’s still nice to get an (almost) official piece of reassurance from the mag.

Shinobi was the other Sega game that had its name featured on the cover of Nintendo Power, and while it didn’t technically confirm that the title would be coming to the 3DS it seems likely to appear on the handheld. An alleged trailer has also hit the internet for the new game, and while it doesn’t reveal much it’s pretty concrete evidence that the game is legit.

Check out the new officially unofficial trailer of Shinobi right here:


Sega doesn’t seem to have much luck keeping secrets as of late, but hopefully they release some more solid information on these games soon. They could just save the bulk of news for E3, which is a pretty logical decision — I mean they have to have something to talk about, right?

Are you interested in either Sonic Generations or a new Shinobi for your 3DS? Which game are you more excited for?

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Source: Neogaf (via GoNintendo)