Project Sonic 2017 Titled Sonic Forces, Trailer Released

Sonic Forces New Title of Project Sonic 2017

The game formerly known as Project Sonic 2017 is now titled Sonic Forces according to Sega. The upcoming 3D Sonic title is highly anticipated as Sonic Team's follow-up to Sonic Generations, Sonic Colors, and Sonic Lost World. It's only fitting that Sega released an all new trailer in tandem with the title announcement, featuring gameplay fans of Sonic Team's previous titles will recognize.

In Sonic Forces' first gameplay trailer, players are shown what Sega is calling the "Modern" Sonic experience. This will be one of three different styles of gameplay within Sonic Forces, the second of which is "Classic," and the third currently being a mystery. The Modern Sonic experience is much like the 3D gameplay from Sonic Team's previous titles, including a reworked Boost feature, multiple paths for Sonic to take, and the return of Wisps.

Other revelations include the setting of at least one level within Sonic Forces. This war-torn world is described as a timeline where Eggman, AKA Dr. Robotnik, won. Considering Sega has already shown that Sonic Forces features multiple Sonic the Hedgehogs, it makes sense that there are some timeline and parallel dimension shenanigans going on. Perhaps that third, mysterious gameplay style will feature the Sonic that originates in this broken, lost world.

Sega also confirmed that a new engine was being used for Sonic Forces. It has been several years since Sonic Team put out its own game after all, and those were largely for the scaled back Nintendo platforms of their respective eras. Bringing Sonic back to modern consoles would definitely demand an updated engine, and the effort certainly shows in the trailer, with tons of explosions, and great view distance across the cityscape.

Perhaps the best news from the day is that Sonic Forces remains on schedule to be released this holiday season. Sega also confirmed that more information on Sonic's 3D platformer will be released in the months to come. Just looking at the calendar, that sounds like Sega iss looking at E3 in June, or the weeks prior, to debut more of the game's features and its release date.

Sonic Forces is planned for release this holiday season on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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