Sonic Creator Has 'No Intentions' to Work with Sega Again

Sonic Creator No Intention to Work with Sega

In an interview with CVG, Yuji Naka, father to the blue-haired hedgehog Sonic, has said that he would never make another game with Sega, nor would he work on another Sonic game. While it seems like Naka is attempting to sever all ties with his former company and his most successful creation, Naka is simply trying to express his interest in moving forward as a game developer and act as an inspiration to his young protégés:

“One of the reasons I left and formed Prope [his current development company] was to stimulate the younger generation of creators. I think the younger generation is watching and if I go back to Sega it isn't going to be good for them. I think I have at least five or ten years left to create new things in the industry. Given the choice I'd spend that remaining time doing something good at Prope, influencing the next generation, rather than going back to Sega.”

Not bitter about his experience working with Sonic Team on a whole slew of both popular and "average" games, Naka had nothing but positive words to say about those he left behind:

"I believe in Sega and the Sonic Team. Even without me I think the team can come up with great new Sonic games.”

Naka’s most recent game, Ivy the Kiwi?, plays in a similar fashion to Kirby’s Canvas Curse, with the player indirectly influencing Ivy’s movements by way of drawing lines on the screen.

It might be sad news to think that such a creative developer will no longer be associating himself with the property that made him famous, but it should provide gamers solace to know that he approves of future works in the Sonic franchise, especially Sonic 4. We look forward to whatever you and your team at Prope have in store for us, Mr. Naka, if only because we are huge fans of your previous work.

What are your thoughts on the Sonic franchise as a whole? Are you glad that it is still around, or do you feel it should have ended with the departure of key development members?

Source: CVG

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