Two New Trailers to Help You Decide if Sonic Colors "Is For Everyone"

Not too long ago Sega stated that Sonic Colors was not intended for hardcore fans of the series, but rather for a younger audience. This past week Sega has given us some clarification on their goal and target audience for the new Sonic title and other games in the franchise. Senior Brand Manager, Judy Gilbertson says that, "Sonic Colors is for everyone! Let's say that right out of the gate," letting us know that anyone can pick up and play the game and enjoy it.

Judy goes on to say:

"In short, Sonic Colors is designed first and foremost to be fun; the emphasis is still on everything that makes Sonic great, so there will be things there that will please long time fans in addition to elements in the game designed  to bring in new Sonic fans as well. We expect that all of these aspects of gameplay will result in an experience that gamers of all ages will truly enjoy. And the game is a great compliment to both Sonic 4, a title that focuses on that retro style of gameplay and is also being released later this year as the first true sequel to the SEGA Genesis line of games, and Sonic Free Riders, which is the first game of its kind on Kinect this fall."

Sega -- in an attempt to please all of its fans -- is planning to divide and conquer with their upcoming Sonic titles, making games to suit the needs of each demographic. Sonic Colors is geared towards bringing in new and younger gamers into the franchise and hopefully draw their attention towards other Sonic games in the process.

I, along with everyone else my age, have been longing for a return to form in the Sonic brand and it seems we might get our prayers answered in both Sonic Colors and Sonic 4. Below we have some gameplay footage of both the single player and cooperative modes in Sonic Colors.


After watching the trailer I was immediately transported back to when I first played Sonic Adventure on the Dreamcast. Sonic's transfer to the 3D realm has been a rough one, but it looks like Sega might just be able to iron things out with Sonic Colors. Not only does the single player look good, but the co-op looks fun as well.


In the game mode displayed in the trailer, it looks like there's a real emphasis on teamwork in order to make it through the levels, similar to LittleBigPlanet.

Up until this point I wasn't crazy about Sonic Colors, reserving an "I'll believe it when I see it" mentality towards the game. Well I've seen it, and now I have to play it once it releases for both Wii and DS on November 16, 2010.

Ranters, after seeing the gameplay how do you feel about Sonic Colors and the other upcoming titles in the franchise? Let us know!

Source: Destructoid

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