'Sonic Colors' Trailer has Old School Feel with New School Twists

Sonic Colors New Trailer Old School

With so many Sonic games releasing late in 2011 it’s surprising that we here at Game Rant haven’t begun dying our hair blue and zipping around town in ball form. We admit that it’s hard not to fall prey to the hedgehog’s charm despite some average games. With Sonic Colors, Sega is giving us a taste of the old school with a bit of the new mixed in and today we have a new look at some gameplay.

It might not be a game developed for the core gamer, but it certainly looks to me like Colors is a game developed for the gamer. Those familiar with Sonic’s play-style should find a lot to enjoy in this game, from what we can tell. It has both 2D and 3D sequences that seem to stay inside of Sonic’s wheelhouse when it comes to level design. Sure, the new color “powers” add a new dynamic to the game, but nothing so outlandish as to suggest a mutiny.

Multiplayer adds a new element to the game as players work together as different robotic versions of Sonic. While we were hoping to play as Tails in multiplayer, robotic Sonics are a worthy replacement. Gamers will be able to team up to preform various special moves including forming a laser or drilling through objects.


It might be hard for Team Sonic to please fans since they are constantly trying to evolve and instead end up moving away from what makes the Sonic property so great, but as a game concept there isn’t much depth to Sonic anyways. Therefore, an expectation is placed upon the game that the controls will be tight and moment to moment sequences will be engaging, and from what we have seen Sonic Colors does possess both of those qualities and may very well be a comeback for the speedy mammal. Yes, his creator wants nothing to do with him, but we certainly will allow him a few more visits.

What do you think of Sonic Colors compared to the other Sonic games being released this year and the next? Which has you the most excited?

Sonic Colors releases November 16th on the Wii and DS.

Source: CVG

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