'Sonic Colors' Limited Edition Unveiled, Includes Sonic Action Figure

Sonic Colors Limited Edition

Sonic Colors could be the game that returns Sonic to his rightful glory and Sega is showing their love for the game with the Sonic Colors: Limited Edition for the Wii and DS.

The Limited Edition will include a Sonic action figure (not a doll) as well as three wisps -- the aliens that give Sonic his powers and open up new areas during his new adventure. The Wii and DS versions both come packaged with different colored wisps. The Wii variant (above) gets a white wisp, an orange wisp and light blue wisp while the DS version (below) contains a yellow wisp, blue wisp and red wisp.

Sonic Colors DS Limited Edition

So far the special edition has only been confirmed for Europe and Australia, with no word whether North Americans will be able to get their hands on the action figures. The special edition is also limited in quantity so make sure to pre-order it if you want to ensure your copy.

The only downside to what would be a pretty sweet package is the poor quality of the action figure. He appears to be cheaply made with screws protruding from his arms and small flimsy legs. Hopefully it was just bad photography and Sonic actually looks better in the flesh (err... plastic).

Sonic Colors is shaping up to be the quality Sonic game that fans have been waiting for with fantastically colorful levels, a terrific sense of speed and cheesy but equally awesome soundtrack -- the recent trailers for Sonic Colors definitely give off a Sonic Adventure vibe. Sega seems to have brought Sonic back to his roots instead of introducing unnecessary additions which have caused many problems with past Sonic games. The toys included with the special edition are a wonderful  bonus included with what could be the best Sonic game in a long time.

Ranters, are you planning on picking up a copy of Sonic Colors? Or has Sonic let you down too many times? Will the Limited Edition make up for it?

Sonic Colors dashes onto to the Wii and DS on November 11th, 2010 in Australia, November 12th, 2010 in Europe and November 16th, 2010 in North America

Source: Sonic Stadium

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