Just moments ago Sega announced their new DS and Wii game, Sonic Colors. Combining 3D and 2D experiences in unique and exciting ways, Sonic Colors is said to be an adrenaline packed thrill-ride that will appease fans both new and old.

Taking place on a mysterious orbiting amusement park, Sonic Colors has Eggman holding a group of colorful alien critters hostage. Releasing the floating aliens, called Wisps, will grant Sonic a number of mysterious new powers that will allow him to traverse levels in creative new ways.

Some of the powers Sonic can obtain include:

“The Wisp energy enables Sonic to create new paths through the stages by drilling through the ground (Yellow Drill) for example, or speeding through the stage as a laser (Cyan Laser). Stringing the Wisp power-ups together creates a combo that increases Sonic’s boost gauge even more quickly. Exclusive Wisp power-ups will be available for both Wii and the Nintendo DS versions, ensuring a unique and super speedy gameplay experience for Sonic fans everywhere.”

You can check out the announcement trailer right here:


With Sonic 4 being delayed until late 2010, you’ve got to wonder whether another Sonic release will hurt overall sales. I suppose if both games are great it can only spell good things, but if either of them tanks it can only spell disaster, yet again, for the franchise.

Excited for another Sonic game, Ranters? Does Sonic Colors seem appealing to you?

Sonic Colors is due for a holiday 2010 release for the DS and Wii.

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